The Office for International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE) aims at providing necessary support to the international students affiliated with the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/ Faculty of Agriculture, so as to enable them to concentrate on their studies/ research and also enjoy their life in Japan. The OICE is an interface between the University and international students (those presently affiliated with the faculty/ graduate school and those desirous of joining in future), and functions in cooperation with the International Student Section, the Undergraduate and Graduate School Sections etc.

As our international students come from many different countries, backgrounds and cultures, and may be unfamiliar with the Japanese traditions and culture, it is likely that they may face various initial adjustment problems. The OICE offers counseling on various matters related to problems faced in daily life, university life, research etc. We try our best to find a suitable solution to the student’s problem(s), while ensuring that personal information/ identity of the student is kept strictly confidential.

Although the OICE will do its best to support in every possible way, it is extremely important that students put in every effort to be independent. Learning the Japanese language will help in understanding the people, culture and traditions of Japan. We encourage you to develop friendship with the Japanese community and have a very enjoyable and memorable life in Japan. We hope you will enjoy being with us and have a pleasant experience of studying at the Graduate School of Agricultural & Life Sciences/ Faculty of Agriculture.

Feel free to come to the OICE anytime you have any problem and need guidance/ help.