Topics: Growing global awareness of forest functions and services -- Revealed from analysis of GFRA 2015 of FAO : November 19, 2015 NEW
News: Application for International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (September 2016 intake) is now open: October 21, 2015
Event: Workshop on advanced veterinary education - Educating veterinarians for the future - : February 5, 2015
Topics: A novel protein increases heat stress tolerance in plants -- Enhancement of gene expression without growth retardation: January 21, 2015
Topics: Identification of a pheromone that transmits danger signals in rats -- Pheromone increases anxiety in other rats: January 15, 2015
Topics: Mechanisms of intestinal pathology from food allergies -- Roles of different lymphoid tissues in regulating enteropathy: January 15, 2015
News: Application for International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (September 2015 intake) is now open: November 6, 2014
Topics: Partial atomic structure of a flagellar motor from eukaryote -- Structure of the microtubule-binding domain of flagellar dynein: October 31, 2014
Topics: Evolution of sweet taste perception in hummingbirds -- The adaptation to thrive in a nectarivorous niche: September 1, 2014
Topics: Elephants have twice as many olfactory receptor genes as dogs -- Genome comparison reveals mammalian diversity: August 12, 2014
Topics: Similarities in moth pheromone synthesis and human stress/appetite control -- Ligand recognition site of receptor controlling moth pheromone biosynthesis identified: August 11, 2014
Topics: Biosynthesis of natural products with unique structures -- Biosynthetic machinery for 4-methyloxazoline: July 29, 2014
Topics: Enhanced disease resistance in rice plants -- Phosphomimic Mutated OsWRKY53 transcription factor used: June 13, 2014
Topics: Single female-specific piRNA is primary determiner of sex in silkworm -- Silkworm mystery that perplexed geneticists for over eight decades unraveled: May 30, 2014
Topics: The tortoise beats the hair again -- Grasping substrate tenaciously more important than speed in crystalline cellulose degradation: March 26, 2014
Topics: How pathogen transforms “flower” into “leaf”? -- Phytoplasma protein degrades floral transcription factors: March 18, 2014
Topics: Who ate the Japanese rhinoceros beetle? -- Rhinoceros beetles suffer male-biased predation by jungle crows and raccoon dogs: March 12, 2014
Topics: Discovery of“male effect”pheromone in mammals -- Olfactory molecule activates central regulator of reproduction in female goats: March 11, 2014
News: Application for October 2014 admission to International Program in Agricultural Development Studies (MSc and PhD) is now open.: October 11, 2013
Topics: Discovery of Culture Method for Efficient Biofuel Extraction from Microalgae -- Progress in Jet Fuel Production from Botryococcus Braunii: August 14, 2013
Topics: Positive feedback leads to obesity -- Lipid droplet formation triggers lipid synthesis and accumulation in adipocytes: July 1, 2013
Topics: Distribution of a novel serine synthetic enzyme -- Proposal of serine synthetic enzyme identifiers: May 30, 2013
News: Results of the research on effect of radiation on crops was published by Springer Publishing Company.: April 4, 2013
Topics: The plant mechanism controlling nitrogen utilization -- NIN-like transcription factors regulate nitrate response in plants: April 2, 2013
Topics: New Therapeutic treatment for Acute Lung Injury -- Anti-inflammatory role of Prostaglandin D2 in lung inflammation: April 2, 2013

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