Topics: A gene-stacking approach to overcome the trade-off between drought stress tolerance and growth in Arabidopsis: October 04, 2018 NEW
Topics: Outward open conformation of a Major Facilitator Superfamily multidrug/H+ antiporter provides insights into switching mechanism: October 02, 2018 NEW
Topics: Structural basis for brassinosteroid response by BIL1/BZR1: October 02, 2018 NEW
Topics: Isolation of colonization-defective Escherichia coli mutants reveals critical requirement for fatty acids in bacterial colony formation: October 01, 2018 NEW
Topics: Structural analysis of HTL and D14 proteins reveals the basis for ligand selectively in Striga: September 27, 2018
Topics: Identification, functional characterization, and crystal structure determination of bacterial levoglucosan dehydrogenase: September 26, 2018
Topics: Structural features of a bacterial cyclic α-maltosyl-(1→6)-maltose (CMM) hydrolase critical for CMM recognition and hydrolysis.: September 25, 2018
Topics: Novel lacto-peptides in fermented dairy products improve memory function and cognitive decline: September 11, 2018

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