Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo has published two books collecting the research results of radio- contamination after Fukushima nuclear accident, in 2013 and 2016, which were downloaded 106,000 and 40,000 times, respectively. The titles of the books were, “Agricultural Implications of Fukushima Nuclear Accident” and the same title with the subtitle of “after three years”.
Since it is very rare to exceed the download number more than 100,000 times, less than 5% of all the publications, Springer had sent the letter of acknowledgement for outstanding usage of the book to the president of The University of Tokyo, as well as to the dean of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences when the download number exceeded 100, 000 times for the first book.
Recently, there appeared the following sentence to the download site, “ Congratulations! Your book has achieved more than 100,000 downloads!”

Interview with Tomoko Nakanishi