Welcome to OICE!!

Important Information June 26, 2017 NEW

    Scholarship, Accommodation, Japanese Language Course, Visa, Overseas visit, Cancellation of lectures due to bad weather, etc.

OICE Events June 23, 2017 NEW

    Yayoi International Day (YID), Junior TA Event, Study Trip

Tutor Support April 12, 2017 NEW

    Information for Supervising Professors, Tutors, International Students (Tutees)

Useful Information October 23, 2014

    Career Advising, Information Search Guidance, ECCS Account, etc.

For Graduating / Tenure Completing Students Februry 07, 2017

    Academic Gown, Graduation Ceremony, Formalities before graduation/leaving Japan, etc.

For New Students (April / September entrants ) April 19, 2017 NEW

    Formalities on arrival in Japan & enrollment in our graduate school/faculty

Other Information June 24, 2015

    Internship, Home-stay, Lecture, Sports Fair, International Exchange Activities, etc.

Issuance of “Letter of Acceptance” for Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO: MEXT) Scholarship applicants June 07, 2017 NEW

Special Course for Sustainable Agriculture November 16, 2016

For Students under State-sponsored Postgraduate Study Abroad Program by China Scholarship Council December 21, 2016

Earthquake related