Forests are the major biological land resources on Earth. Research on sustainable forest management, wise use of forest resources and reforestation is receiving increasing widespread concerns.

Research works on many important functions (aspects) of the forest such as wood and timber production, soil and water conservation, protection of wildlife and recreation, have been accumulated within the Department (field) of Forest Science.

Recently, the need for a comprehensive approach on forest land management has also been recognized.Research on conservation and utilization of forest and forest resources is emphasized.

Besides, the target area of the forest science is extended to include watersheds and urban areas as a whole. At a global perspective, environmental issues such as global warming, acid rain and degradation of tropical rain forest are also dealt in the forest science.


Department of Forest Science

Forest Life and Environmental Science
Forest Botany Ecology and physiology of trees
Symbiology and pathology in forest
Forest Zoology Ecological studies of animals in forest ecosystems
Studies on management of animal populations in forests
Silviculture Biology for forestation
Physiology and ecology of forest trees
Pedology and edaphology in forest
Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Forest Management Research on integrated management and utilization of forest area
Research on forest inventory and monitoring technique using satellite remote sensing data
Forest Policy Study on policies in order to manage and utilize forests
Social scientific study on relation between human being and forest
Forest Utilization Planning and design of forest-road networks
Forestry mechanization and operational efficiency
Forest Biogeosciences Hydrological research on the relationship between forests and the environment
Soil conservation, landslide and mud flow and disaster-prevention science
Forest Landscape Planning and Design Planning methods about conservation and creation of living environment
Planning, design and management of forest landscape
Asian Environmental Science *1
Regional Resources Planning Evaluation of regional resources for nature conservation planning
Methodological studies on sustainable tourism
Tree Physiology and Tropical Silviculture Tolerant mechanism of trees to environmental stresses
Development of reforestation methods of deteriorated land in Asian tropics 
Forest Molecular Ecology Population genetics and reproduction ecology of forest tree species
Ecology and physiology of ectomycorrhizal fungi  
Forest Ecosystem Science and Management *2
Forest Ecosystem Loge-term monitoring of forest ecosystem
Wildlife management
Forest Functional Biology Utilization of biological function of woody plant
Forest and Human Society Relationship Monitoring and management of forest information
Forest and Water Resources Management Long-term monitoring of hydrogical cycle with forest development
Sustainable forest resource management

*1 Cooperative course. The laboratories and their staffs belong to Asian Natural Environmental Science Center
*2 Cooperative course. The laboratories and their staffs belong to the University Forests