The Agricultural and Environmental Biology Department has been dealing with field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, insects, silkworm and plant pathogenic microorganisms, and has made numerous contributions to the sciences related with plant production and environmental conservation.

Studies to secure enough ‘food’ and ‘greenness’, for a comfortable environment for human beings living in a closed ecosystem, the earth, in various aspects such as 1) increased productivity and quality of crops, genetic improvement of crops, biological control of the damage by insects and disease, 2) development of sustainable production systems, 3) development of analytical methods of increasingly complicated and voluminous information on biology and 4) development of technologies to improve the environment by utilizing plants, are being conducted by this department.


Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biology

Bioresource Development
Plant Breeding and Genetics Genetic and molecular study on the regulatory mechanisms of important traits in crops
Insect Genetics and Bioscience Genetics, genomics, developmental biology, virology, and molecular pathology of the silkworm and insects
Applied Agrobiology
Crop Science Carbon and nitrogen metabolism in relation to the yield performance of various crop species, mechanism of environmental stress tolerance in crop plants
Horticultural Science Regulation of gene expression for improving the quality of horticultural products
Applied Entomology Physiological, ecological and genetical studies on reproduction, dormancy and speciation in insects
Basic Agrobiology
Agronomy Ecological and morphogenetic basis for improving productivity and sustainability of plant production system
Plant Molecular Genetics Structure, function and evolution of genomes in higher plants
Plant Pathology Molecular plant pathology on the plant pathogens and the hostparasite interaction
Biometry and Bioinformatics Biometric studies on DNA polymorphism, inheritance of quantitative traits, population genetic structure and plant morphology
Corporate Sponsored Research Programs
Clinical Plant Science
Development of technologies for diagnosing and controlling plant diseases to establish a plant clinic network
Field Phenomics Development of high-throughput and high-precision phenotyping technologies in agriculture
Asian Biological Resources *1
Regional Resource Reassessment Sustainable land use and agricultural production under fragile regional conditions
Genomics of Plant Resources Genomics of plant resources for improving their stress tolerance and other traits
Field Production Science *2
Sustainable Agriculture and Stress Biology Establishment of sustainable land management and high crop production system

*1 Cooperative course. The laboratory and staffs belong to Asian Natural Environmental Science Center
*2 Cooperative course. The laboratory and staffs belong to Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services