2023.02.28 Others 【AY2022 Exit Survey of Post-Graduation Plans】《For students who will graduate in March 2023》Please complete the survey on UTAS by the graduation date. If you cannot answer on UTAS, download this form and submit it to the Department Support Team.
2023.01.23 Others 【Deadline for Application: February 05】Intensive English Course (February 2023)
2022.09.02 Others 【For Students expecting to graduate in March 2023】Survey Concerning the Job-Hunting Situation
2022.08.03 Others Notes during Summer vacation
2022.07.06 Others Information and Communication Industry & Manufacturing Industry” Online Company Information Session for Foreign Nationals (July 13, 14)".
2022.06.01 Others Information on the redesigned web page "Current Students".
2022.02.28 Others Submission of Career Status Questionnaire. /
Please be sure to submit this form by the time you graduate or complete your studies. Please submit the form in one of the following ways. /
1.Submission at UTAS /
2.Submission of survey forms (in paper form)
2021.03.05 Others Insurance for accidents involving third parties or their property: Liability Insurance coupled with "Gakkensai"("Futaibaiseki") 
____.__.__ Others Intensive English Course Application Guidelines /
*Eligibility:An undergraduate or graduate student at Yayoi campus as of September 1, 2019 /
Sign up for this course during the designated application period.
____.__.__ Others Liability Insurances for Bicycle Users