Guidelines for Room usage

 ・Each Room is equipped with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Please disinfect your hands upon entering and exiting the Room.
 ・Reservations will be required to use the Rooms.
 ・Make sure to use seats with seat numbers, and report the seat you are using with the QR code provided.
 ※Eating and drinking are prohibited in public spaces.


3C sensing system

 With the help of Nakao lab, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies,we are able to provide the estimated number of people using each Room at any given moment, based on COCOA,COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application by the ministry of health, labor and welfare.
 To improve the precision of the estimates, we ask you to download COCOA to your cell phone.

 ※Personal information (information to identify an individual) will not be collected by this system. You can find out the mechanism here(in Japanese)
 ※Estimate of the number of people currently in public spaces at Yayoi Campus can be found here


Lecture Rooms, Meeting Rooms etc.

Yayoi Auditorium Annex ※3C sensing system

Floor Room Name Abbreviation Number of Seats Capacity Recommended
Number of Simultaneous
WIFI Connections
List of Seats Reservation
1st Seihoku Gallery 60 30 ~100台


 Please use this form for inquiries about public space usage.

【Comments & Suggestions】
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