A joint conference was held online for faculty and students from the University of Tokyo and National Taiwan University from December 7(Wed) to 9(Fri).

As one of the major projects in the exchange between the two universities, the joint conference, consisting of a plenary session at the university-wide level and parallel sessions at the department/division level, has been hosted by the two universities alternately since FY2015.

This year's conference, the sixth in the series, was held online as last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, under the theme of "Co-creating Prosperous Future in East Asia". In the plenary session, greeting remarks by the presidents of both universities were given, followed by Keynote Speeches, Faculty and Student Presentations were held. Every presentation inspired very active discussion. The meeting was closed with the hope for face-to-face exchanges next year.

A parallel session with the College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture of the National Taiwan University was held in the UTokyo-NTU Joint Conference 2022

On December 8, a parallel session of the UTokyo-NTU Joint Conference 2022 was held with the College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture of National Taiwan University under the theme of “Co-creating Prosperous Future Agriculture in East Asia”. Prof. Nobuhiro Tsutsumi, Dean of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences (GSALS), the University of Tokyo, and Prof. Jie-Ruei LIU, Associate Dean of the College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University (CBA) gave opening speeches.

After that, Mr. Chih-Chieh LIN, NTU Ph.D student who is currently studying at the GSALS as a special research student gave a presentation about his experience of studying in Japan and comparison of laboratory structures at both universities. From UTokyo, Mr. Takumi ETORI, a master student, talked about his experience of BACT-online program coordinated by CBA and the problems and characteristics of Taiwanese and Japanese Agriculture for their future development.

Then Professor Chi-Te LIU from NTU and Associate Professor Shoichiro HAMAMOTO from UTokyo gave presentations on their own research. More than 120 people registered for this session, and it is expected to promote further exchanges in the future. In the afternoon of the same day, parallel sessions on Biological and Environmental Engineering and on the University of Tokyo Forests, Forest Science and Biomaterial Sciences were held and the following day, a parallel session on Veterinary medical Sciences was also held.