Dean Nakashima and Professors from IPB (Oct. 6, 2023)

 The World Class Professor (WCP) Program is facilitated by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology to promote international collaboration and co-authorship between Indonesian and foreign universities. Prof. Tsuyuki and Prof. Mizoguchi, nominated by Prof. Syartinilia and Associate Prof. Chusnul Arif, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), were among the seven Japanese professors awarded this year.
 Based on this program, Prof. Tsuyuki and Prof. Mizoguchi visited Indonesia, and gave special lectures and provided supervision to writing research articles. In addition, two professors from IPB visited the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences for several weeks from September for their research.
 On October 6, IPB professors and two WCPs from the Department of Global Agricultural Sciences met with Dean Nakashima and discussed plans for the strengthened partnerships for the future based on the long standing academic exchange agreement between the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences and IPB.

Reference: Universities selected for the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture WCP program 2023 (number of professors); Forty professors were selected out of 169 applicants. USA (7), Japan (7), Indonesia (4), UK (4), Malaysia (4), Australia (2), Germany (2), Netherlands (2), Saudi Arabia (2), Denmark, Korea, China, Thailand, Canada, UAE
The University of Tokyo (2), Chiba University (2), Kyoto University (1), University of Tsukuba (1), Keio University (1)