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About this website

This website contains the information regarding online classes.

◎ TA

Teaching assistants will help you with online classes. If you have any questions, please make sure you put your name and major (department) and make inquiries using the form given in "◎ inquiries" below.

◎ About Classes

In principle, courses in FY2022 will be conducted face-to-face (including hybrid), but some courses will be conducted online, so please check the UTAS syllabus and ITC-LMS announcements, and contact your instructor if you have any questions.

◎ For Students

For students, please refer to utelecon Online Class and Web Conference Portal Site @ The University of Tokyo.

■ utelecon Online Class and Web Conference Portal Site @ The University of Tokyo:Top Page

** UTokyo Account <For students> **
Your UTokyo Account password expires every 365 days. Please change your UTokyo Account password before the expiration date from this menu. If the UTokyo Account password has expired, services other than the user menu can not be used. If you forgot to change your password before the expiration date, or if you forgot your UTokyo Account password, please check here to reset your UTokyo Account password.

◎ For Faculty Members

1 What is an online lecture
Please read 'Prerareing for Online Classes' website carefully.
2 Equipment you need to take an online course
  • PC or tablet (smartphones are not recommended since screens are small. It is imperative that you can hear the audio. )
  • Internet connection
  • UTAS and ITC-LMS account (UTokyo Account)
  • ECCS cloud mail address
  • Zoom account signed up by your UTokyo mail address (as [10-digit UTokyo Account]【See the slides
3 Precautions when taking online classes
Contents of the online class belong to the lecturer or the third party. Please follow the lecturer's instructions when making screenshots, recording lectures, sharing materials between students, distributing materials to a third party, etc.
  • Necessary preparation manual for students to take online lectures【See the slides

◎ Inquiries regarding online lectures

■ Technical inquiries about the various systems used for classes (UTokyo Account, ITC-LMS, Zoom, etc.)
■ Inquiries about online classes at the Faculty of Agriculture and Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences

UTAS  (Login account (User name) is the UTokyo Account)

UTAS Lite  (Login account (User name) is the ECCS Account)

ITC-LMS (Login account (User name) is the UTokyo Account))