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This website contains the latest information regarding online classes.
Please check back regularly for updates.


2020/04/13 New information for students to take online lectures.
2020/04/08 Information about the reduction of services by the Academic Affairs Division has been added.
2020/04/06 New information for online trial class is available.
2020/04/02 Information about the reduction of services by the Academic Affairs Division has been added.
2020/04/01 Information on online lectures has been added.

※ OICE twitter will notify updates to this website.

◎ Guidance

  • There will be no face-to-face guidance either at the undergraduate or the graduate level.
  • There will be no major guidance or department guidance.
  • Undergraduate students should complete their admission procedures by majors.
  • Graduate students should pick up necessary documents by departments.
  • Life Science Lectures will be streamed online (details later).
  • Overseas safety lectures will be streamed online (details later).
  • AGRI-COCOON guidance will be streamed online (details later).
  • Agribioinformatics guidance is already finished. Please refer to their website (in Japanese) for details.
  • OLEGs guidance will be done by video streaming (in Japanese). Please make inquires through Google group. For more details, see here.

◎ Classes

 There will be no major change in schedule for the S1, SP, A1, A2 and W terms. However, contents of the sillabi (UTAS) could change.
The following information about classes pertain to S1 term only.

■ Lectures

April academic calendar is as follows:

  • 1st week in April : April 3rd (Fri.) ~ April 9th (Thu.)
  • 2nd week in April : April 10th (Fri.) ~ April 16th (Thu.)
  • 3rd week in April : April 17th (Fri.) ~ April 23rd (Thu.)

・Classes will be held online using Zoom.
・Unless there are special circumstances, please take classes at home.
・The first two weeks will be the preparation period for online classes.

・There will be no regular classes on the first week. An online trial class will be held for both the undergraduate and the graduate students at the following times and dates. Please take at least one class to make sure you can gain access online.

  • April 6th (Mon.) 11am-noon

Japanese class

  • April 6th (Mon.) 4pm-5pm
  • April 7th (Tue.) 11am-noon
  • April 7th (Tue.) 5pm-6pm

English class

  • April 8th (Wed.) 11am-noon

    The lecture slides of the trial online lecture for students

* URL neccessary to take the class will be sent to the email address registered on UTAS. Please make sure your email address is valid. If you are an incoming student, please activate your UTokyo Account and register your email address to UTAS.

・On the second week, regular classes will be held online to confirm the accessibility of the registered students. Necessary URL will be posted on UTAS for each course. Students are asked to access the URL in the first 10 minutes. After the students login, the outline of the course, grading method, materials of the course, etc. will be explained for about 20 minutes. Some classes will let the student pose questions using the chat function.

・All lectures will be held online beginning the third week. For classes that meet twice a week, online lectures will start during the second week.

・Some classes will have supplementary lectures. The lecturer will notify you of the date of the supplementary lecture. In addition to the prescheduled dates which are May 22nd AM, May 29th, and June 1st, June 2nd-8th will also be set aside for supplementary lectures.

In order to prevent the spread of infection, there will be no public space where you can use UTokyo Wifi for the time being.

■ Seminars *for undergraduate and graduate students

Each lab will make an announcement about the details of the seminar. Seminar will be held online. There will be no face-to-face seminar.

■ Researches *for undergraduate students

  • Researches will start on May 11th (Mon.).
  • There could be a change in the Place/Date/Time.

■ Field Researches *for undergraduate students

  • Place/Date/Time/Date will be announced later.
  • There will be no field research in groups.

◎ TA

Teaching assistants will help you with online classes. If you have any questions, please make sure you put your name and major (department) and make inquiries using the form given in "◎ inquiries" below.

Online Lectures

Please read preparing to take online classes website carefully.

Online lectures will be held using Zoom and ITC-LMS.

1 What is an online lecture

Please read preparing to take online classes website carefully.

2 Equipment you need to take an online course

  • PC or tablet (smartphones are not recommended since screens are small. It is imperative that you can hear the audio. )
  • Internet connection
  • UTAS and ITC-LMS account (UTokyo Account)
  • ECCS cloud mail address
  • Zoom account signed up by your ECCS cloud mail address

3 Online lecturing method

  • [Method A] PDF documents distributed prior to class + ZOOM sound (no images): students will listen to the lecture while looking at the PDF document.
  • [Method B] Showing slides on Zoom (PDF document will be distributed prior to class, students are asked to prepare textbooks if necessary)
  • [Method C] Use of slides and blackboards on Zoom (PDF document will be distributed prior to class, students are asked to prepare textbooks if necessary)

Method A is the method of preference because of the relatively low internet traffic.

4 Necessary preparation manual for students to take online lectures

See the slides.

※ Precautions when taking online classes

Contents of the online class belong to the lecturer or the third party. Please follow the lecturer's instructions when making screenshots, recording lectures, sharing materials between students, distributing materials to a third party, etc.

◎ Inquiries regarding online lectures

Please make inquiries regarding online lectures using this form.
If you experience difficulties using the above form, please email us at online_lec_support@agc.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp.

Please make inquiries using this form except for online lectures. 

UTAS  (Login account (User name) is the UTokyo Account)