College of Arts and Sciences … 1st-2nd year

  • Main Subjects
    Population and Food, Ecology and Human Being, Utilization and Production of Bioresources, Utilization of Biomechanisms for Human Life, Microbial World, Soilsphere Sciences, Environmental Science of Water, Environmental and Landscape, Biological Diversity and Evolution, Life and Amenity, Nature and Culture, Agronomy and Human Society, Communication Science between Organisms and Environment, Diversity and Biological Function of Chemical Compounds
  • Basic Subjects
    Plant Taxonomy, Animal Taxonomy, Plant Morphology, Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology, Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, General Introduction to Animal Sciences, Basic Organic Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Structural Analysis, Hydraulics, Meteorology, Environmental Security Management, Information Technology, Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics, International Agricultural Economics, History of Comparative Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture … 3rd-4th year

  • Applied Life Science
    Biological Chemistry and Biotechnology, Applied Biology, Forest Life Science, Aquatic Life Science, Animal Life Sciences, Biobased Materials Chemistry
  • Environmental and Resource Science
    Landscape Ecology and Planning, Forest Environmental and Resource Science, Aquatic Production and Environmental Science, Wood Science and Timber Engineering, Biological and Environmental Engineering, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Field Science, International Sustainable Agriculture Development
  • Veterinary Medical Sciences … 3rd-6th year
    Veterinary Medical Sciences