Nakura, T., Ozoe, A., Narita, Y., Matsuo, M., Hakuno, F., Kataoka, N.* and Takahashi, SI.*


Insulin receptor (IR) pre-mRNA undergoes alternative splicing that produces two isoforms, IR-A and IR-B. The ratio of IR-A to IR-B varies among tissues, which strongly suggests that IR mRNA alternative splicing is regulated in a tissue-specific manner. However, the precise molecular mechanism for IR alternative splicing remains to be elucidated, especially in liver. In this study, we have analyzed IR alternative splicing mechanism by preparing a mini-gene splicing reporter with rat genomic DNA. The splicing reporter that contains exon 11 and its flanking intronic sequences could reproduce alternative splicing pattern in rat hepatoma H4IIE cells. Introducing several deletions in introns of the reporter revealed that intron 11 contains the region near exon 11 essential to promote exon 11 inclusion. This region contains an UGCAUG sequence, a specific binding site for the Rbfox splicing regulator, and mutation in this sequence results in exon 11 skipping. Furthermore, RbFox2 knockdown in H4IIE cells enhanced exon 11 skipping of endogenous IR pre-mRNA. Lastly mutations in the SRSF3 binding site of exon11 together with the Rbfox2 binding site completely abolished exon 11 inclusion with a mini-gene reporter pre-mRNA. Our results indicate that RbFox2 and SRSF3 proteins mediate exon 11 inclusion in rat hepatoma cells.

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: Biochimie