Alumni in need of various certificates may apply for an issuing by following the application procedure below.

* For current students, please refer to the following web page. → Obtaining various certificates (For current students) 

The University of Tokyo Faculty of Agriculture
Academic affairs Division
Undergraduate Student Section / Graduate Student Section

1.How to apply for certificates for alumni

A:Type of certificates, processing time

  Type of Certificate Language

Processing Time

(currently, only mail-in applications are available)

Undergraduate School Certificates
(Faculty of Agriculture)
Certificate of Graduation [*1]



About 1 week

Academic transcript<Specialized subjects for the Faculty of Agriculture>
Academic transcript
<Junior Division>
Enrollment after 1998
Enrollment by April 1997 Not available from the Faculty of Agriculture [*2]
Certificate of enrollment (Research Student) About 1 week

Graduate School Certificates
(Graduate School of

Agricultural and Life Sciences)

Certificate of Completion (Master’s course)
Academic transcript of Master’s course
About 1 week
Certificate of Doctoral degree
Academic transcript of Doctoral course
Withdrawal (Master’s, Doctoral)
B:Application procedure (currently, only mail-in applications are available)
Application by mail

Prepare documents [1]~[3] and mail them to [Mailing Address].
[1] application form (below), [2] paper copy of personal identification, [3] self-addressed envelope,

  • Please note that applications by e-mail, telephone, or fax will not be accepted. In addition, any requests regarding certificates, such as forwarding the certificate by e-mail, will also not be accepted.
  • Certificates can be sent only to the applicant or a family member living in Japan and not to any other location or a contractor.
  • For applications by mail, the date of receipt of the application is when the application documents arrive at the office in charge. Please allow plenty of time when applying.
  • From October 2021, Japan Post's Standard Mail Services will suspend delivery on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and change the delivery days (Japan Post website). If you are in a hurry, please apply for "Express Mail".
  • There is no processing fee for certificates. However, please note that a certificate will not be sent to you without a self-addressed envelope with a stamp attached.
[ 1 ] Application form
Application form (format) PDF
  • Check and confirm the section marked 「Please read before applyingon the 2nd page of the application form.
  • If, for some reason, you cannot download a PDF of the application form, please prepare a substitute document with the following information.
1. Name (Kanji, Furigana, Alphabet : for English certificates only)
2. Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd)
3. Current residence, Contact information (Phone Number, e-mail address)
4. Date of Entrance and Graduation/Withdrawal (Year and Month)
 For undergraduate certificates : Admission year to the university, year of entrance to the faculty of agriculture
For graduate certificates : Date of Entrance and date of course completion
5. Information about the previously enrolled faculty, department
 For undergraduate certificates : Enrolled major or department
For graduate certificates  : Enrolled department and course
6. Student ID number (only if you remember)
For Undergraduate certificates : Student ID number for the faculty of agriculture
For graduate certificates :Student ID number for the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
7. Purpose
8. Where to submit the certificate
9. (For English certificates only) Certificates previously obtained and the date of the issue
10. Information regarding the required certificate (type of certificate, number of copies, language: Japanese or English)
11. How to send (sealed, not-sealed, etc.)
  • If a sealed envelope is required, specify it in the relevant section of the application. Additionally, please submit a non-standard-size envelope (a larger envelope than a standard-size envelope). A sealed envelope will be provided by the Faculty of Agriculture.
    If there are specific instructions about the sealed envelope (example below), please state the requirements clearly.
     Example : 2 sets of sealed envelopes containing 1 certificate of graduation and 1 academic transcript each.
[ 2 ] Copy of Personal Identification

A copy of a personal ID document (driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, etc.) is necessary for proof of identification.

  • When applying by proxy,the proxy must be granted power of attorney (by a signed document from the applicant). The proxy must also provide a copy of his/her identification information.
    Power of attorney form (PDF)
[ 3 ]Self-addressed envelope

Place a postage stamp of the appropriate amount on an envelope self-addressed to the applicant. 

  • From October 2021, Japan Post's Standard Mail Services will suspend delivery on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and change the delivery days (Japan Post website). If you are in a hurry, please attach stamps for "Express Mail" to the Self-addressed envelope.

  • Certificates are A4 size. If the self-addressed envelope is standard-sized, it will be sent folded.
  • If a sealed envelope or multiple copies of certificates are necessary, please use a non-standard size envelope.

  • A postage stamp from the [Japan Post] is necessary for international posts. If a Japan Post postage stamp is not available, please confer with a resident (family member) in Japan to become a proxy or purchase an International Reply Coupon (IRC) from the postal service at your current location.

■ Example stamp costs■
  • The following information is for regular mail.
    Please refer to the Japan post Website for other delivery forms such as express mail.
    Make sure to attach a postage stamp of the appropriate amount.
Seal Self-addressed
Number of Certificate Copies
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Standard Size 84 Yen 94 Yen
Non-standard size 120 Yen 140 Yen



Non-standard size 120 Yen 140 Yen 210 Yen
[Mailing Address ]

The Undergraduate Student Section, Faculty of Agriculture
(or The Graduate Student Section, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences )
The University of Tokyo 1-1-1, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8657,

  • When applying for certificates from both undergraduate and graduate schools, you can use either of the mailing addresses.
  • Inscribe [Request for Certificate Issuing included] on the front of the envelope.


2. Inquiries regarding certificates for current students

■Inquiries regarding undergraduate certificates

  • Undergraduate Student Section, Academic Affairs Division, Faculty of Agriculture
  • E-mail: gakubu.a〔at

■Inquiries regarding certificates for Graduate Schools

  • Graduate Student Section, Academic Affairs Division, Agricultural and Life Sciences,
  • E-mail: daigakuin.a〔at

■Office hours

  • Weekdays 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 [From 2020/10/01 ]
    * Office hours may change due to the new year holiday season, entrance examinations, etc.