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Procedures when graduating/completing/withdrawing from UTokyo, September 2021

International Students should complete the following procedures before graduating or completing master’s, doctoral, short-term courses, or withdrawing from UTokyo:

  1. Procedures at the university:

    (1) Returning student ID and SECOM cards:
    Both cards will be collected at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony, held by each of the 12 departments.
    Schedule of 2021 Autumn Semester Diploma Presentation and Commencement Ceremony
    Ceremony for each department will take place at different locations after the general graduation ceremony. Please confirm the details with the Department Support Team.

    (2) PhD Dissertation Deadline:
    All the necessary documents should be submitted to the Graduate Student Section no later than the due date.

    (3) Exit Survey of Post-Graduation Plans:
    Please answer the survey by logging on to UTAS, “Enquete” (Questionnaire) →“ Answer Career Choice Survey”
    In case of unexpected errors on UTAS, please contact the Graduate School Section

    (4) CO-OP Membership Card (CO-OP members only):
    Return the University of Tokyo CO-OP membership card to the CO-OP office. Your deposits for CO-OP shares will be fully returned upon your request.

    (5) The University of Tokyo Fellowship Students:
    The University of Tokyo Fellowship students need to submit the “Research Report” (in prescribed format) to the International Student Section.

    (6) The University Guarantor System:
    If the University of Tokyo has acted as your guarantor, you must submit the notice of termination (online form) to the International Support Group to terminate the contract.
    Notice of Termination (online form)
    *The University of Tokyo cannot act as a guarantor for those who have graduated or withdrawn from the University and are no longer students of the University. If this is the case, please find an alternative guarantor.

    (7) ECCS (Educational Campuswide Computing System):
    Regarding university email accounts (ECCS), contact the Campus-wide Computing and Communication Division, Information Technology Center.

    (8) OICE:
    Please feel free to give your opinion about the current support provided to international students by our graduate school/faculty/ via email to OICE. Valuable feedback will be highly appreciated.

  2. Immigration Procedures:

    (1) Submit a report on the affiliated institution to the Immigration Office within 14 days after you graduate/withdraw from the university, either online, in person, or by postal mail.

    ◎To submit online: Immigration Services Agency of Japan, Online Submission System

    ◎To submit in person or by postal mail:

  3. Termination of lease/rental agreement:

    (1) Private Accommodation (Apartments and Shared Residences): Make sure you give advance notice to terminate the contract with the landlord or real estate agent. You should also contact electricity/gas/water/internet companies to settle utility bills and pay other service fees.

    (2) Tokyo International Exchange Center: Obtain a seal on the “Notice of Leaving” from the International Student Section, and submit it to the management office of the Tokyo International Exchange Center at least one month prior to the planned date of leaving.

    (3) The University of Tokyo International Student Dormitory (International Lodge Komaba/ Shirokanedai/ Kashiwa Lodge, Mitaka/ Toshima/ Oiwake International Hall of Residence): Inform the respective dormitories (registration office) regarding your move-out date.

  4. Procedures at the municipal or ward office:
    • Return National Health Insurance Card.
    • Inform about your leaving/change of address.
    • Claim the Lump Sum Withdrawal Refund if you have joined the National Pension Plan.
    • If you are associated with any of the activities conducted by the municipal or ward office (language/ culture exchange etc), please make sure to terminate your participation.
  5. Cancellation of mobile phone:

    Inquire with your mobile phone company regarding cancellation procedures.

  6. Closing a bank account:

    Inquire with your bank or credit card company regarding cancellation procedures.

  7. Procedures at the Post Office:

    Complete the necessary procedures for address change so that postal mail will not be sent to your current address after you leave.
    When moving out of Japan/returning home: Inform the post office nearest to your residence. It is advisable to take your passport with you to the post office to confirm your identity.
    When relocating to another place in Japan: Submit the move-out notification at the post office or online.
    For further details, check the following links:
    Submission at the post office
    Online submission(in Japanese only)

  8. Thank-you note to the scholarship awarding organization:

    It is a good idea for those of you receiving scholarships from private organizations to write a personal thank you letter.

  9. Disposing goods/furniture before leaving Japan:

    To dispose large items/furniture/home electric appliances, etc., Bulky Waste Reception Center

  10. Return of Residence Card:

    Return your Residence Card to the Immigration Officer at the airport or the port you are departing from.