Graduate International Research Student

  • A Graduate International Research Student is admitted to the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences to study a specific subject under the supervision of a professor. No degrees or qualifications is awarded to postgraduate research students after the completion of a research term. Those who wish to apply for admission as a candidate for a master’s or doctoral degree should refer to the "Admission to regular courses".
  • Eligibility
    Those who wish to pursue research at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and who belong to either of the following:


    • (1) Those who have completed, or are expected to complete prior to the enrollment date, 16 years of education abroad.
    • (2) Those who are recognized by this graduate school, as having abilities equivalent to that of a university graduate.
  • Addmission Procedure
    Before submitting the application, applicants must obtain approval from a prospective supervisor in the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences. See the following link for details on the various Departments/laboratories.

    Contact the prospective supervisor via the email ID provided on the homepage of the laboratory. If the contact address is not available, please send a request to

    Applications are accepted twice every year - in April and November. Please request the supervisor to send you the application form.
    Application in April is for admission in October, and that submitted in November is for admission in April. Selection will be made on the basis of the documents submitted.
  • Time of Admission
    Admission as a Graduate Research Student is usually April and October.
    About further information for application submission, please be sure to send an email enquiry to:

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