このページでは農学生命科学研究科教務課(大学院学生担当)からの情報をお知らせしています。/ This web page provides information(courses, grades, classes, etc.) from the academic affairs division(registrar) of the graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

2022.07.14窓口業務等休止のお知らせ/Temporary Closing of Academic Affairs Office


 8月1日(月)午後 大学院入試
 8月2日(火)終日 大学院入試
 8月3日(水)終日 大学院入試

 8月12日(金)終日 夏季一斉休業
 8月15日(月)終日 夏季一斉休業


We inform you that Student service Center will be temporarily closed on the date below.
* The service for issuance of certificates (excluding the automatic certificate issuing machine) will also be closed.

 August 1, 2022 closed in the afternoon (Entrance Examination)
 August 2, 2022 closed (Entrance Examination)
 August 3, 2022 closed (Entrance Examination)

 August 12, 2022 closed (summer holiday)
 August 15, 2022 closed (summer holiday)

*On Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 August, Entrance examinations will be held,
  so please do not enter the university on these days unless you are absolutely necessary.


2022.07.05 英語研修受講者募集のお知らせ/Intensive English Course Application Guidelines (September 2022)




In-person lessons at a lecture room in Yayoi Campus

Eligibility: Undergraduate student of Faculty of Agriculture or graduate student of GSALS, as of July 6th, 2022

Sign up for this course by July 21st.

募集要項/Application Guidelines


2022.06.24 Call for Participants:
United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Postgraduate Programme


These courses will be offered in the Intensive Core Courses 2022 by UNU-IAS for students from partner universities including Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Please email the Graduate Student Section (daigakuin.a@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp) by July 8 if you wish to join the programme.

・Students who wish to take the courses must obtain the approval from their supervisors.
・Credit transfers can be possible. Please ask the Graduate Student Section for the details.
・Tuition fees for these courses will not be collected.


For more details, see this website.


If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Student Section.


2022.06.17 日本文化紹介イベント@弥生講堂(7/20開催)


  詳細PDF※ 東大ECCSクラウドメール( @g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp )でのサインインが必要です。



 (UTokyo Accountでのログインが必要です)



[Event on July 20] Invitation to an evening of traditional Japanese entertainment

A long-awaited in-person event is back! Join us for a fun-filled evening of traditional Japanese entertainment at Yayoi Auditorium Ichijo Hall on July 20th at 5 pm.

For details, Please see the PDF below.

  〇 PDF (Sign-in with UTokyo ECCS Cloud Mail (@g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp) is required.)

     If you havent registered yet, please do so right now!

   Application Form

 (UTokyo account is required to access the link above)

 We hope you can enjoy the evening with us!





なお、本教育未受講者(不合格者含む)は、11月1日より5ヶ月間UTokyo WiFiおよび UTokyo VPNの利用を停止します。UTokyo WiFi はオンライン授業の受講に必要なため、必ず期間内に受講してください。

セキュリティ教育の実施について“Security Education

2022.04.26【Notice】【5/96/10】<All Students/Please take the program>“Security Education

We inform you of the following notice from the Security Management Team,

Information Environment Group.

Please take the information security education program.

If you do not take or pass the "Information Security Education", your UTokyo WiFI and UTokyo VPN account will be suspended.
As this is required for taking online classes, please be sure to take the course during the period.

“Security Education”セキュリティ教育の実施について


2022.04.01 【お知らせ】履修登録期間について

:4月 5日(火) ~4月15日(金)
:6月 3日(金)~6月 7日(火)


・必修科目も自動では登録されません。 各自で必ず履修登録をすること。

2022.04.01 【Notice】Registration procedures Period

Period of Registration Procedures for the courses starting in S1 and SP(S2) Term (including year-long courses and multi-year courses) ;
・Online-Registration Period: April 5, 2022 (Tue) ~ April 15 (Fri)
・Confirmation Period (for S1, SP(S2), year-long courses and multi-year courses): April 18, 2022 (Mon) ~ April 19 (Tue)
・Confirmation Period (for SP): June 3, 2022 (Fri) ~ June 7 (Tue)
*SP Confirmation Period is only for the courses of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Students planning to take courses must register on the “UTAS” during the designated period. Any requests for additional courses or changes after the deadlines are not permitted. Please be sure to check the Student Handbook and confirm if the required courses are certainly registered.

1. Two-year or three-year courses such as seminars, experiments (practice) etc. should be registered in the first semester of the academic year.
・As compulsory courses are not registered automatically, please register on UTAS on your own.
・It is not necessary to register again in second or third academic year.
2. Please register for all courses you plan to take, including the courses of which schedules are yet to be determined. (Especially “Intensive” Courses).
3. Refer to the “Student Handbook of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences(農学生命科学研究科便覧),” pp. 89-126: Registration for each course must be completed within the designated period for the exam in which the mark ● or ◇ first appears on the course list.
4. Please do not fail to register especially for the biennial courses.

2022.04.01 【お知らせ】学生定期健康診断について

健康診断は「学校保健安全法」に基づき実施しています。決められた期間内に必ず受診してください。健康診断Ⅰ(本郷地区:4/20~6/23)、健康診断Ⅱ(本郷地区:4/14~6/28)で対象者が異なります。 本郷地区をはじめいずれの地区も予約制となります。 対象者・日程・予約方法はこちら[保健センターHP]で確認してください。

2022.04.01 【Notice】Students Medical Check-ups

Medical check-ups are required by law. Please make sure you attend the check-ups during the specified period. Group I medical checkup(Hongo Campus:4/20~6/23)Group II medical checkup(Hongo Campus:4/14~6/28) The students who can take medical checkup is different for each group.
Reservation required.
Please check here [Health Service Center HP] for the eligible participants, schedule, and reservation method

2022.04.01 【お願い】住所、電話番号、メールアドレス等の登録・更新について


2022.04.01 【Notice】Registration or update of address, phone number, email address, etc

We would like to enhance the system to effectively utilize various information in order to confirm the safety of students and provide information in the event of an emergency such as a disaster. Please register or update your address, phone number, email address, etc. on the UTAS.
If you do not register, you will not receive emails or mail from the university. We ask for your cooperation in order to keep up with the latest information from the university.



パスワードの有効期限は1年間ですので、定期的に変更してください。UTASのトップページから、自分で変更が可能です。 パスワードを忘れた場合は、下記情報システム本部HP内の「利用者メニュー」より再発行の手続きをしてください(事前にUTASへのメールアドレスの登録が必要)。


学生サービスセンターについて/Student Service Center

  1. 場所及び窓口業務時間/Location and office hours

    場所:農学部3号館1階正面玄関入って左/Location : Agriculture Department Bldg.3
    Office hours : Mon ~Fri 9:00~17:00 (Except National holidays and campus closed day)
    (*The office may be closed due to school activity)

  2. 掲示/Bulletin Board

     Direct contact to students will not be done, except for specific and urgent circumstances. Please reference the bulletin board for any notifications about registration, events, class or student life related information, and scholarship and tuition exemption related matters.
    The physical bulletin board is available at the Student Service Center.
    Remember to check the UTAS bulletin board, certain information may be posted on the UTAS bulletin board.